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Wholesale oak table

Now we will tell where to find the wholesale seller of dining tables from natural wood of an oak.

Oak tables
Dining tables from natural wood were always famous for the durability and beauty. Oak tables as their durability is checked for centuries are especially demanded and it will not be compared with any other material. Long since in Russia used the massif of an oak for production of furniture, today wooden furniture in the house is sign of good taste of the owner.

You will meet oak tables not everywhere, but if you had to have dinner behind it, you can be sure that food will be much more tasty. The power and purity of natural materials which are applied to production of wooden furniture fills the room with tranquility and harmony. Therefore at an oak table guests will be able always to relax and derive the maximum pleasure from a meal! This furniture will perfectly fit into an interior of cafe or restaurant, it is not subject to influence of moisture and is steady against mechanical damages that is very important for public institutions. Moreover, the massif of an oak very strong therefore products from it can be the impressive sizes. It to allow to place a large number of guests at one table.

If you appreciate traditions, reliability and stability, want to create a cosiness and feeling of heat in the house, then we recommend to buy a dining table from an oak. He will become the keeper of the center and will serve to you not one decade.


dining table solid wood

Wooden furniture from the producer

We bring to your attention wooden furniture from the producer wholesale and retail at the most favorable prices. Our enterprise is in Kiev region and successfully works more than 25 years. Making out the order, you can be sure of quality of production and transparency of pricing, you pay only for furniture.

Today wooden chairs, tables, stools, kitchen corners which are made taking into account all wishes of the customer are presented in our catalog. Models of chairs and tables are developed so that they could be used as in cafe, bars, restaurants, and in the house. Wooden furniture differs from the producer in excellent quality, durability and durability. Our range is constantly complemented by novelties that you could buy relevant models of wooden furniture. Though furniture from a natural beech is also classics in interiors, it is influenced by the new ideas of modern designers too.

Wooden furniture is created by our masters in order that in each house and in each institution it was warm and cozy. Refined lines, almost inaudible aroma of natural wood, high quality even in fine details create feeling of comfort and tranquility. Thanks to such characteristics, we can safely claim that wooden furniture will be fashionable always.

If you need to buy chairs or tables for cafe, high bar stools, kitchen stools or to order a kitchen corner cheap – make it right now! If you for the first time buy furniture for an institution, our qualified consultants will be able to help with calculation and arrangement of furniture and with selection of color of varnish and fabric.

Our purpose – not only to make wooden furniture from the producer available to the end user, but also to deliver to the buyer exclusively qualitative goods. Process of production of furniture is controlled at each stage and also undergoes final testing before sending to the customer.

Delivery of furniture is discussed with each customer individually, and you choose independently optimum way of sending your order. As a rule, big orders go to clients transport of our company or passing transport, and small retail orders – by means of transport companies.

We wish you the pleasant choice of new furniture on our website!


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